In a small and beautiful country called Bulgaria, in a nice and good family, on a cold March day, just at the beginning of spring a girl was born.

Born of love, she was beautiful as an angel – Valentina was her name.

They lived happily and blessed the whole family-mom, dad, brother and Valya. Every day was a celebration for the parents, because both their children were the best and sweet kids,that they could possibly have. Their house was fill with laughter and joy. Valya had many friends and every day children felt happy and relaxed under the watchful but loving look of Valya’s mom, Mimi.

Valentina grew… She became a beautiful girl. Her mother realized that her little girl is already grown up and she was wise enough to take care of herself and others. In her heart there was enough room for all of her friends and her kindness spread like sunshine on a hot summer day. a

Her mom understood that her little girl wasn’t a little girl anymore and could cope and deal with the challenges life gives her. And knew that her daughter had learned to live in God and the people’s laws and just prayed the Lord to keep it. Valya blossomed as a rosebud. As she blossomed the rest of the world did to. To her everything seemed like a fairy-tale.

But then, evil decided to ruin the joy and sunshine of the loving family.

During June, on the second day of summer vacation, as she was crossing the cross-walk a devil with a shiny and fast car hit her and swept the life away of the 12 year old girl. Like a beautiful angel was broken and tossed on the dirt, covered in blood and mothers tears.

But then a miracle happened!

The childs soul lifted off the ground and flew to the golden gates of heaven. There, an old man with a white beard met her and said:

Do not suffer, my child, but be glad that I saved you from the sorrows and sins of earth! Now your with me, your Lord, and your real life begins now. You were born to love and love will give. There are many people suffering who you have to help heal and comfort. There are many people who must save!

Valya smiled, took the Lord by the hand and flew away in the garden of Heaven …

On the third day, Valya worked and worked … and many of her favorite people on the ground, began to do miracles…

First Initiative created “Red Trail”. Then-Foundation “Safe streets from Valya” because she no longer wants innocent people on the roads and evil forces to take their lives carelessly.

She managed everything because her soul was crystal clear and clean and full of good deeds and her name will still ring the lower land. Such is the life of angels, dedicated and good people. So blessed be their names, as the 12-year-old Valentina!

But the Story does not end here, this is only the beginning…