Reducing conditions and number of road accidents involving pedestrians, take initiatives to enhance the culture of the citizens – leaders of PPP and pedestrians, formation and establishment of strong and effective public opinion to ensure safety of road users.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation develops projects and programs and implement campaigns for:

  • Introduction of a disciplinary mechanism to enhance the culture of leaders – officers of various departments and private companies in the direction of improving personal and public safety users, and their culture as road users in and after hours;
  •  Strengthen national and local institutions to implement the strategy of building zones with a speed limit to move to 30 km / h. – Etc. “Zone 30”;
  •  Strengthen national and local institutions to close major streets on Sunday and open for pedestrians;
  •  Organizing a strengthened civilian control of the implementation of the provisions for parking and compliance with the advantage in areas of pedestrian crossings, bus stops of vehicles for public transport in order to enhance pedestrian safety and public awareness and the dangers of walking movement;
  •  Increase public awareness of the need for adequate child safety – pedestrian;
  • Encourage the public to support more stringent control and signal respect speed limits in urban areas, particularly in areas around schools, kindergartens and residential areas;
  • Mentoring of children by informing them about the safety of pedestrians on a “big small study”;
  •  Securing the areas around schools through the calm, organization and regulation of traffic;
  • Permanent marking of the areas where deaths have occurred accidents;
  • Interaction with the competent administrative and legislative bodies, offices and other Bulgarian, international and foreign individuals or legal entities to achieve the objectives of the association, including developing and proposing policies and projects, participation in other initiatives;
  • Proposals to local authorities regarding the safety of pedestrians;
  • Raising funds to meet all these goals;
  • Supply, improvement and involvement with their representatives in the development of new or changes and additions to existing regulations and documents to a successful policy in its portfolio and implementation of the harmonized European legislation in this area.